About Us

The Maharaja Book is a premium online betting exchange available in India where different players can place bets on various online sports. Along with various live sports for betting, users can play different card-based casino games through which they can make a little fortune for themselves. Playing online games at Maharaja Books is as simple as it can be, like counting numbers. All you need to do is connect with us on WhatsApp and provide your basic details, for which we will create a betting ID through which you can log in and have access to all the games and betting sports available at Maharaja 555 Booking.

Various Online Sports and Casino Games are available at Maharaja Casino.

Not only cricket or Teen Patti/Poker but a heap of various games is available for the players. Based on the different sports famous in various regions of India and numerous types of card games regionally famous, many games and betting sports are available at Maharaja 888 Casino. With full assurance, we can say that not even a single sport will be missing from the list of Maharaja games on which players can place online betting.

Also, the players who are new to online betting and wish to try their hand can first use the demo ID to play and learn how to play games or place bets. After that, they can add money to their account and start betting.

Why Maharaja555 is Better than Other Online Betting Exchanges?

Although numerous betting exchanges are available for the players, none of them is a match of Maharaja Book, where players can easily add money, play games, and instantly withdraw their winnings. Following are some of the reasons why Maharaja888 is better than other online exchanges:

  • At Maharaja Betting, you can instantly create your Betting ID and start playing.
  • Various offers and bonuses are available for both experienced and first-time players, through which you avoid the situation of too much loss.
  • Instant withdrawal of winnings is a specialty of MaharajaGame Zone, which makes it far better than any betting exchange in India.
  • We provide 24/7 customer support to you. All you need to do is message us on WhatsApp and mention your query. Which, we will revert instantly with the resolution to your problem.
  • Amazing user experience for the user at Maharaja Book in which they can find which event is live and on which games they can compete against live players.

Different Games That are Available at Maharaja Official Matka

Along with Maharaja Cricket Live, many other live events can be found at Maharaja Book, where users can place bets. Major sports that are played internationally can be found in Maharaja’s book, like Rugby, Football, Polo, and many other live events. Along with that, all the famous card games in India like Teen Patti, Poker, Rummy, Andar Bahaar, Matka, and many others.

Responsible Gambling

Being the biggest casino in India, we do have a responsibility to create awareness for avoiding Gambling Addiction. A little bit of gambling can be entertaining or somewhat thrilling when it involves real money. However, placing bets on a regular basis and losing more than you can afford can be a potential risk for gambling addiction. In that case, we recommend you temporarily deactivate your betting ID and abstain from any betting activity.

Maharaja Phone Number

The customer support of the Maharaja Casino is available 24/7. Contact customer service regarding any query, be it account creation or payment transaction. You can click on the WhatsApp icon and mention your problem, for which we will provide an instant solution.